Matthew K. Anderson is a hurricane of pageantry expertise: from makeup, hair and formal gowns, to stage presence, interview tips, and choosing a winning talent. He rocks pageants as hard as he rocks a pair of heels!
CEO and Founder of PAGEANTROCKS, Matthew turned his pageant passion into a multi-state consulting & mentoring firm that’s a force to be reckoned with. (Just. Like. A. Hurricane.) Starting with a Twitter handle (@pageantrocks) and a love for beauty queens, Matthew soon discovered that pageants and their contestants were the beacon of light calling him to his destiny. While reporting on pageant life online was amazing, he soon took to the sky, attending national and international pageants, including Miss USA (2012-2014), Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA, among others. He’s been gathering pageants like jewels on a crown ever since, attending and judging in numerous local and state pageants from sea to shining sea.
Matthew gathered up his experience in the field like fine fabric and created a pageant consulting & mentoring firm that slays the stage better than any formal gown ever could: PAGEANTROCKS! A firm that creates pageant contestants that absolutely rock! One-of-a-kind, Matthew’s team bring their sharp pageantry skills to clients across the United States. From California to Connecticut, they believe shining beauties are just waiting for their opportunity to lead by example.
With Matthew’s help, his beauty queens have staked their claim as top contestants (top 5, 10, and 15), and many have taken home the coveted sash and crown. He’s worked with Charisse Haislop (Miss West Virginia USA 2014), Desiree Perez (Miss Connecticut USA 2014), Cassandra (Cassie) Bunner (2nd Runner-Up, Miss North Carolina USA 2015), Christina Famularo (4th Runner-Up, Miss Louisiana USA 2016), and Marlisa Lake (2nd Runner-Up, Miss West Virginia USA 2016), to name just a few! The women Matthew coaches and mentors are not only his clients, they’re an extension of the PAGEANTROCKS! family. Investing in these women’s dreams is just one way he catapults these young ladies into futures brighter than those gorgeous smiles. Because he believes that each and every one of them is a role model for girls around the world.
Matthew is far from boring. In fact, he prides himself on being absolutely unique. He’s deaf, a pageant clairvoyant, and holds both a BA in International Business and an MBA in Marketing. You read that right! Clairvoyant. He’s ridiculously intuitive about predicting pageant winners because he’s trained to spot a reigning queen a mile away; a skill that serves him well when coaching contestants.
Matthew and PAGEANTROCKS! are bringing the next generation of pageant leaders to audiences around the world. His team’s collective expertise is the foundation upon which beauty queens that rock are made. Because PAGEANTROCKS! forges contestants that grace the stage with the force of a hurricane.

Matthew is a Regional Director for West Coast for Miss U.S. International and Miss North America. Miss International is one of top 5 international beauty pageants in the world.  Matthew covers those states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Matthew is also co-director for Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi.