Who is eligible?

Entrant must be a naturally born, genetic female. Between the ages of 18 and 26 as of November 30th of the competition year. Delegates may be 17 at the Miss CA U.S. International pageant provided they reach 18 prior to the first date of the national competition and cannot turn 27 before the first day of Miss International.

What does the entry fee include? and what does not include.

Eligibility for all prizes & awards.


Competition Wardrobe



Travel to and from airport

What does the remainder of my entry fee pay for??

The cost to produce the Miss CA U.S. International National Pageant is well over $10,000.  The remainder of your entry fee pays for prizes, judges and production staff, advertising in international pageant publications,  hotel rentals, printing, entertainment, choreography, production staff, consultants, sound and lighting, stage decorations, and many additional operational expenses.

If I am unable to compete, will I be issued a refund or a credit ?

All fees paid to Miss CA U.S. International are NOT REFUNDABLE in full or in part for under any circumstances. This includes entry fees, advertising fees, pageant admission tickets and any other fees paid to West Coast International  ( PageantRocks LLC)

Am I required to sell ads for the program book ?

Yes,  all delegates are required to purchase at least 2 ads of one full page advertisement  in the program book. Pageant Design will take care of this for you.

May I seek a sponsor?

You may seek sponsors or you may pay the entry fee yourself. If you wish to feature sponsors, it is suggested to purchase advertisements in the program book. Additional information is included in delegate paperwork.