ANGELO FRASIER-  Personal Trainer 



Angelo Frasier, a Charleston, South Carolina native, is recognized as one of the premier personal trainers in the Southeast. He specializes in developing and sculpting the body based on the unique requirements of his clients and employs a holistic approach to his personal training specifically tailored for each individual with whom he works.

Scores of professional sports figures in the National Football League as well as athletes from Major League Baseball, the Professional Golf Association, and college sports teams actively sought Angelo during the past two decades to help them develop muscle strength, flexibility, and/or muscle mass based on the particular requirements for their sports. Angelo’s clients include state politicians, professionals in the legal, academic, police, military and fire fight communities, as well as other personal trainers. His many clients in the medical fields are testimony to his knowledge of the human body.

Preparing contestants for local, state, and national level beauty pageants is one of Angelo’s specialty areas. He has trained hundreds of beauty pageant contestants and served as judge for the Miss South Carolina, Miss Georgia, Miss North Carolina, Miss Louisiana, Miss Teen South Carolina in the Miss USA and Miss America systems during the past 20 years. The majority of the contestants he trained emerged as finalists in their pageants. Angelo, a well-known figure in the beauty pageant circuit, appeared in episodes of the TLC television show “Kings of Crowns” while serving as a judge.

During his high school and college years, Angelo appeared in nationally syndicated television shows as well as television commercials making him familiar with the needs of clients in these fields. He opened Frasier Fitness in Augusta, Georgia and later Powerhouse Gym on Fort Gordon – one of the first civilian owned fitness centers established on a military base. Today, Angelo serves clients in the Charleston area and is ready to help you meet your personal fitness goals.

BEAUTY BY LADYCODE- Make up and Hair Stylist

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Beauty by LadyCode was founded by Lisa Opie, the creator of Vizcaya Swimwear,  PageantLIVE correspondent, and the founder of women’s empowerment platform LadyCode. With a social media presence of over 300,000 followers, Lisa is dedicated to using her influence to promote women’s empowerment and wellness.

Lisa has over 6 years of experience with hair and makeup, and has been trained by Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian’s favorite makeup artist. Lisa studied hair from Jen Atkin, another Kardashian favorite and founder of OUAI Haircare at her Mane University in New York City.

Beauty by LadyCode works with celebrities and top models on a regular basis, but the main focus is pageantry. As a former beauty queen herself, Lisa taught herself how to do her own hair and makeup for competitions as she considered herself very “picky” with her looks. Over time, Lisa has perfected the competition look for both hair and makeup. Lisa has held local, state, and national titles in the Miss United States, Miss USA, and Miss Nationwide systems, and placed in the top 5 at Miss United States 2012.

Lisa’s background as an artist has helped develop her creative technique with beauty. Lisa has always been passionate about drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, and time studio work. In high school, Lisa was one of the youngest members of the Art Honor Society and the only student in her class who took AP Studio Art as a junior. Lisa was accepted into the prestigious art program at Virginia Commonwealth University, which is ranked as the best art school in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

Lisa is a trendsetter in the beauty industry with her beauty-based channel on YouTube with over 3 million views. Lisa has taught pageant-based makeup workshops in New York, New Jersey, and Miami in 2017. Last fall, Lisa was a featured panelist at the Indie Beauty Expo in New York City.

Lisa’s vision for Beauty by LadyCode is to create a sisterhood where the contestant has a support base within her glam team. Beauty by LadyCode has strong partnerships with PageantLIVE (awarded Best Media of 2015 by Prestige Pageantry Awards and in 2018 by the Global Beauty Awards) and Vizcaya Swimwear (awarded Swimwear of the Year 2016 by Beauty It’s Everywhere). With these partnerships, Beauty by LadyCode clients receive media exposure and support from PageantLIVE and LadyCode, and further career opportunities with Vizcaya Swimwear.

In 2018, Beauty by LadyCode was nominated for best hair and makeup by the Global Beauty Awards and ranked in the top 5 best hair and makeup artists in the pageant industry.




Lissette Garcia, Miss Florida USA 2011

Being branded as the Catwalk Diva, Lissette’s performance at Miss USA 2011 set her apart from the competition. Lissette also competed at an international level before winning the title of Miss Florida USA. As Miss Cuban American 2007, it allowed her to travel the globe representing Cuba where she captured the title of Queen of the World 2007 in Germany, first runner up in Miss Caribbean World, and third runner up in Reina Hispanoamericana.

Her career on television has brought her to California to continue in the entertainment industry. Traveling across the country bringing the best on stage presence in young ladies in coed pageants to Mrs’ pageants, Lissette truly enjoys bringing out everyones inner Catwalk Diva. Her most recent client Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014, rocked the stage all the way to 1st runner up at Miss Universe. Lissette also works with international clients, as they compete in their national pageants to get ready for Miss Universe or other global pageants.

Lissette brings experience and passion from all across the globe to help you rock the stage and stand apart from the rest.


Vizcaya Swimwear was created by Lisa Opie and Franz Orban in 2013 as a result of their passion for endless summers.  Vizcaya Swimwear is a line of handmade luxury swimwear for the edgy and classy women that enjoy those long summer days. Vizcaya Swimwear is dedicated to provide the highest quality swimwear with the best fit for women while making them feel sexy yet classy. Our designs are inspired by the resort city of San Sebastian on the northwest coast of Spain, and its designs incorporate different elements from basic styles to more sophisticated looks with hints of sensual lingerie.

Our cuts are high-fashion and the resulting look is ultra-glam while still retaining stylish silhouettes and feeling comfortable. Our swimwear is made from various types of polyesters depending on the design in order to make them durable, flexible and give a perfect fit.

We are passionate about fashion and design so we are constantly innovating our collection to set new trends. We believe that each woman should be able to find the perfect fit while not compromising style and glamour.